MA 06 - Motion Design

This Diamond Award title sequence was made in Adobe After Effect.

Motion Design

Noroff's annual Diamond AwardS show

In this assignment I have designed and executed a title sequence to kick off the Noroff’s annual Diamond Awards show.

The title sequence should capture the mood of the evening, represent the school and it’s 10 subjects and appeal to the target audience which was the teachers and students of Noroff. The title sequence had to be animated and between 10 to 30 seconds long.

I also needed to include the Diamond Awards logo — either in coloured version or black and white. I had to closely consider the evening and what mood I should aim for, and in doing that I also had to think of fonts, elements, colours, animation, and audio. It required a lot of planning and processing with the layout, typography, colours, elements, and animation.

Motion Design


I made a reasearch, got inspiration from different sources, sketched by hand and digitally and made some trials in After Effect. The final execution was made in Adobe After Effect.

My purpose was to create a story that would go through the ten represented Noroff studies. I have used the camera angle and motion to get more action. I also used different effects (explosion, text rolling, image revealing) to create interest to the video.