MA 04 — Design History Website

It's an interactive website representing five Graphic Styles from 1950's to our days.

Design History Website

Graphic Design timeline

This assignment was to design a Graphic Design timeline or list from 1950 to today to the web. We were giving five styles or periods we should include to the timeline and provide additional information for example about the graphic designers and social events effecting that time.


The Graphic Design history timeline website had to be designed for all screen types and be interactive. The timeline should include the five given styles or periods: Pop Art, International Typography, Psychedelic Movement, Graffiti and Street art and New Wave.

Design History Timeline

Archieved action

The target group for the website is Graphic design students. They are over 18 years old, males and females and interested of design and visual concepts.The target group would appreciate modern, well thought website that would offer something new and fun— interactive frontpage, easy access to the information, use of text and photos.

The website will be browsed from various devises and it has been kept in mind the hole process. The frontpage has animated numbers and objects appearing while scrolled down. While all of the styles or periods had to have information, designers and social events effecting that time period, each style had it's own page.The execution has been made in Wordpress, child theme, css and plugins.