MA 05 — Photoshoot

With this photoshoot I created a poster for the Awareness campaign.

Motion Design

The client, A21, fights against human trafficking.

This Mandatory Assignment was about photoshoot and Awareness Campaign. It was made for an international company called A21 who works to eliminate human trafficking and abolish injustice in the 21st Century.

I planned a photoshoot with a model, photographed, designed and created a A3 poster to be used in their campaign to create awareness around the issue in Norway. The campaign is targeted towards Norwegians - to change their attitudes against human trafficking and to create awareness around the issue.


The poster had to include effective photography, a name, slogan, and other additional text if wanted. Also graphics and illustrations were allowed. The photos should be taken outside and using mainly just the natural light. The minimum size for the poster was A3. To be affective the poster should evoke feelings and emotions. It should have one clear subject and message.

Archieved action

The message is to change attitudes in the target group against human trafficking and to create awareness around the issue. To change attitudes and truly influence peoples minds is through emotions. There’s different kind of human trafficking happening around us all the time to different age groups. I decided to use a child in my photograph and create connection to my target group and emotions against the poster and that way to the good cause the company A21 does.

While the message is heavy, the poster had to tell something. It couldn’t just be a photo of the child. It needed to tell his or her story. Tell about human trafficking. It needed to have a clue about what has happened. In what situation this person is. It needed to be personal but without lifting up or recognizing the model.